Zodiac Road

Images for each degree of the zodiac

Outside the window sunbeams and smoke-trails pointilise behind the soft-spit from the clouds who slowly striptease the sun. Its a moment of nothing and everything, holding silence and awe, emptying riddles then filling the watchers with a wisdom waiting to be articulated. The scene yells it’s invitation to fall in as it echoes back in reflections from the glass and the wet — “I see you too.”

This was idea I held in my head and hand snapping images along a road trip around the south and east coast of Australia; the west, north and north-east coast of America; and the north island of New Zealand. Then through a process of random magic I matched 360 of my journey’s images to each degree of the zodiac. Zodiac Road then came together with a nod to the tradition of the Sabian symbols in astrology and an embrace of my own and the audience’s innate ability to respond to images intuitively.

Check out the guide for instructions and the about page for information on the process. Then use the menu top right to individually select a degree or to read about each zodiac sign.