The simple way to enjoy 3sixtee˚ is to pull up an astrology chart cast with the planets, asteroid and points that interest you (if you’re new to astrology you can head over to and create your birth chart). Find the degree of each point and using the minute number, or the first number you see, match it to the correlating sign and degree that is listed on the homepage or through the navigation menu to the upper right. For example if you were born under a sun that passed at 0˚23’ Gemini you would look for 0˚GEMINI on the homepage or click on its link from the menu.

Originally the Sabian symbols used the degree ahead in correlation to the degree found in the birth chart. The logic for that method is sound, but I always found it took up extra time in practice. Instead for this rendition I have started at 0˚ and ended with 29˚, so where you see a zero, go to 0˚ of the given sign.

Zodiac Road is a list of images to degrees, however, I have often used the Sabian symbols as an oracle and there are a few great websites and apps that generate a random result to use for divination. If you’d like to use the Zodiac Road symbols you can generate true random number at, first generate a number between 1 & 12 for the zodiac sign, then 1 & 30 for the degree number, then count one backwards to match the Zodiac Road system. (This is why the original method works, as systems don't count 0 as a number.)


Zodiac Road offers you the image alone without any accompanying text or delineation. That task is left for your imagination and subconscious to explain. To respond to the images you might be the type to simply allow the image to sink in; you may see a meaning intuitively from the image; you might like to describe the image in your own words; or even imagine yourself in the image as if it is happening right now.


If you need a little more inspiration here are a few images that jumped out at me with good possible storylines and descriptions.

A little dog with power packed muscles sits on a dive bar lounge alone and disappointed with ears pricked, waiting for anyone to come and play.

Old graves, protected by shrubs and trees, wait patiently for visitors and care behind a marked wooden entrance.

The remains of a fish lies on the grass seemingly with two bites of flesh taken, one big and one smaller.

A bird glides over the long face of a still lake, appearing to have no feet.

The big blue sky on a sunny day over a public oval lined with trees, with no-one in sight and nothing happening.

A stranger opens a book to a page with an unexpected yet thought-provoking sentence.

The eye of the goat under the shadow of its fence as it reaches through to get closer for some food.

A cute furry friend? Or is it a squirrel carefully climbing a rock to courageously say hello to another animal twenty times its own size; or is it lunch?

If you’d like to know more about the images and the process of how they were assigned to each degree head over to the about page.